I didn’t know that Andrés Bonifacio’s father, Santiago Bonifacio was a native of Taguig though Andrés was born in Tondo. That is why there’s a monument erected at the Taguig Plaza . Until the introduction speech of the local city government sponsor of the gig that night of 30 November 2014 at Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne quadrangle in Taguig where i nearby lived.


Sindaw Philippines Performing Arts Guild, Lupang Hinirang

Dubbed as “Konsyerto Para kay Bonifacio”, which was sponsored by Taguig City local government officials to honor Bonifacio’s heroism and to promote the Taguig jurisdiction over Fort Bonifacio (BGC).


Sindaw Philippines Performing Arts Guild Opening Act

The opening ceremony Pambansang Awit ng Pilipinas was performed by Sindaw Philippines Performing Arts Guild a la GMA television signing on/off feed. And was followed by re-enactment of Andrés Bonifacio’s heroic highlights.

Then came the highlights of the event: Rakenrol with 70’s band Banyuhay, Mike Hanopol and Maria Cafra.

Tayo’y Mga Pinoy

That is when Heber Bartolome of Banyuhay, start to play guitar on the stage. As if the oldies are thrown back to the times where hippes are still in the height of their popularity. Even now at 66 years old, still the voice cannot be forgotten. New generations flocked to the gig didn’t appreciate much the sounds, though some songs still played in the airwaves getting such familiarity.

Tayo’y mga Pinoy, tayo’y hindi Kano
‘Wag kang mahihiya kung ang ilong mo ay pango ~ Heber Bartolome


Heber Bartolome of Banyuhay

I can’t recall who are the other members of the new Banyuhay band played except of course for Heber. As they introduced some of them are family members who inherited music.



No Touch, Laki Sa Layaw Jeproks, Panahon, Balong Malalim and Himig Natin

Then came Mike Hanopol, opened his act with a preaching preample. For me, he more look likes of an ethnic Tribal teleported on the stage. As if every song he will sing has a translation per se.


Mike Hanopol

Ang panahon ay nilikha, ang oras ay nilikha, ang distansya at sukat ay nilikha, kung walang oras, walang panahon, walang distansya, walang sukat, walang nilikha, ang umpisa ng lahat ay ang panahon… ~ Mike Hanopol

Masdan mo ang mga ulap, balikan mo ang ‘yong alaala. Mga araw na lumipas sa iyong buhay, malalaman mo kung papaano liligaya sa buhay pagdating ng panahon…


Heber and Mike Hanopol collab

Kamusta mga kaibigan? OK ba kayo dyan?

Then lastly, Maria Cafra, before, i thought this is a female or Lolita Carbon like band because of the name and i can’t even recall any songs of them, but when they came up on the stage and the oldies but goodies crowd becomes noisier and wilder, wow they has something to explode!


Rusty Fabunan on Vocals and Lead Guitar


Dennis Fabunan on Bass

Kumusta, mga kaibigan
Ok ba kayo riyan?
Tagal ng hindi pagkikita
Sa inyo, kami’y nasasabik na
Sarap ng ating pagsasama
Kami po’y nag-aalala
Baka kami’y nalimutan na
Ay naku, ‘wag po sana

Kaya kami’y narito
Sa piling n’yo
Upang bawasan ang problema
Ng ulo n’yo
Sa himig ng rock and roll
Sama-sama tayo
Maghawak-hawak ng kamay
At lilipad tayo
~ Maria Cafra


Rollie Averilla on Drums

It was a great night, free concert that I got the opportunity to photoshoot a gig. Thank you Andrés! Mabuhay ang Katipunero!