Yesterday was my birthday together with my first born. We celebrate with a simple gathering at our parents house together with my brother and sisters. With simple selection of foods and pot lucks brought by my sweet siblings. Coming also from Tondo my brothers and mother in-law visited us.

As we start counting down the hands of time, 11 hrs as of this writing. Tonight we will welcome a new year, 2015 year of the Sheep. A new hope and new journey! We will treasure what was good happened in the year of the Horse and will make amend to things starting tomorrow.

What was happened to my 2014.  Here are some of highlights.

Got a chance to get back to Singapore for a trip thanks to my sister Vixen and her husband Omar. Together with Nanay, we tour Singapore last July. Exactly 17 years ago the last time been to Singapore for a business trip. Got a chance to meet my good friends and former officemates Shiela, Jo and Abdiel with their kids & Ariel. There also our cousin Em who now works there. They welcomed us there really great.


Going for a train ride in one of the train station in Singapore

My family completed our panatang Visita Iglesia last Holy Week April 2014, this time we made our visit within Manila. Churches among are San Agustin, Manila Cathedral, Ermita, Malate and Paco Church, San Vicente de Paul, St. Anthony de Padua, Parokya ng Banal na Krus, Sacred Heart, Sanctuario de San Antonio and lastly our own St. Anne. Next year we plan to go provincial visit.

My MTB ride

Just joined our company cycling club. My ride to Nuvali last July was the most promising and seems major. There’s a National Bike Day happened last November but was not fully accomplished. Got to ride up to Intramuros for my Chess Club XMas party.  After the Nuvali, there’s not much a major ride, just a couple round about BGC as part of exercise.  Next year, if my legs cooperate, my targets are La Mesa, Timberland, Heroes Trail, Antipolo and possibly Corregidor Ride.

On Work

Got to complete to report for work minimum of 8 hrs a day. Got only one late in October. A total VL or Vacation Leaves consumption of 16 days. Got Sick Leave of 2 days and got Emergency Leave 2.5 due to my wife miscarriage and gall problem. And have an OB or Official Business with total 8.5 with 2 dismissals during the Typhoon Mario in September and Glenda in July. Accounting those days of the most used times. Have a new office building in Buendia Center from the main office in the corners of Ayala and Paseo.


Not a good year for health this time. Have to continue my running and cycling activities and avoid fatty foods and soda because of very high cholesterol findings. My wife got miscarriage this November and got hospitalized due to gallstone problem. And need to refrain eating fatty foods also and avoid soda for gastritis. Those events opens up to become conservative on foods to take to avoid chances of hospitalization.


Detailing this year’s running accomplishments mostly run-to-home. Distance from our office to home is about 10kms.  No specific events I have registered this year but hopefully next year I can join one. I also targetting to join a a half and full marathon midyear. I just started again to do 10K or more last Aug after my cardio doctor advice to do regular exercise due to my high cholesterol findings on my APE.

Dec 29 – 10.06 kms in 1:24:32 hrs
Nov 05 – 10.07 kms in 1:10:35 hrs
Oct 14 – 10.07 kms in 1:15:39 hrs
Sep 30 – 10.39 kms in 1:22:35 hrs
Sep 27 – 12.03 kms in 2:02:24 hrs
Aug 21 – 10.96 kms in 1:33:49 hrs

In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last.  You can say, ‘I have finished.’  There is a lot of satisfaction in that –Fred Lebow

Let’s welcome 2015, the year of the Sheep. In just a few hours, 2014, the year that was, the year of the Horse will now history. The challenges and difficulties that we encounters made us realize our frailties and vulnerabilities. These trials made us closer to Him.


Last day of work! Timing out... See you again 2015

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!!!